Sanaatana Dharma

Sanaatana Dharma

as visualised by our Rishis

Our Vision
Arsha Seva Kendram is a Non-profit Organisation Founded

To Serve Bhaarat Maataa

Sanaatana Dharma was visualised by our Rishis.
Our objective is to unfold their vision by teaching children, youth and adults on basic culture, traditional knowledge disciplines such as Upanishads and rediscovering the true history of BharatVarsha.

We prostrate to H. H. Swami Dayananda Saraswati who has inspired us in life-altering ways. We pay our respects to all Swamijis and visionaries who have taught us so much.


Advancing Indian Culture, Heritage & Literature

Arsha Seva Kendram does diverse charitable activities in educational, medical, cultural and social sectors. We take pride in being part of projects which help in advancement of Indian culture, heritage and literature.

Vedanta Classes

We teach the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and other Vedanta texts, backed by solid knowledge of Sanskrit, and adhering to Advaita Vedanta tradition.

Sanskrit Classes

We conduct beginner, intermediate and advanced levels Sanskrit courses that prepare our students for Samskrita Bharati’s Shiksha examinations.

Public Programs

We conduct Camps, Workshops, Public Talks and Events to raise cultural awareness, educate youth, strengthen the country, and build leaders.

Temple Revivals

We identity and support uncared for and neglected Temples, and help revive them by re-establishing pujas and rituals tradition.

Community Seva

We engage in Seva (Service) to society such as food boxes and relief donation and distribution to the needy during times of distress.

Rural Outreach

We conduct Communicative English and Personality Development Courses for Underprivileged Children from Rural backgrounds.

Teaching Programs

All courses are conducted by adhering to Advaita Vedanta tradition. These courses are offered free of charge, in keeping with the ancient tradition of Sanaatana Dharma. For the benefit of students across time zones, the courses are conducted online. Classes are recorded and uploaded for reference. Vedanta Courses are taught in English. Sanskrit classes are taught in Sanskrit.

Upcoming Courses

Catalog of our Upcoming Courses that are (or will be soon), open for enrollment of new students.

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Ongoing Courses

Catalog of our currently Ongoing Courses. Live classes are accessible only to present students.

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Past Courses

Catalog of Completed Courses from previous years. Recordings are made publicly available for free.

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- Samskritam Courses - Registrations Open Now!

With our Acharyaas’ blessings, Arsha Seva Kendram, is pleased to announce the start of Samskritam courses for the year 2020.

These classes will be conducted LIVE, through Zoom video conferencing. Classes also are recorded and made available for students' reference . Classes are weekly, and typically last 1.5 hours. Sasyam - Tuesdays (IST); Maalatee - Thursdays (IST); Lataa - Fridays (IST). All classes in morning 6.45 AM IST (evenings 9.15PM EDT).

Solely for the sake of keeping out frilivious registrations, and attract only serious learners, Arsha Seva Kendram is requesting a very nominal token donation upon registration.

Click on a Course to go to its registration page.

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Sasyam : Sanskrit Level - 1

Sasyam सस्यम्, is an entry level weekly Samskritam course for those familiar with Devanaagari script.

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Lataa : Sanskrit Level - 2

Lataa लता, is an intermediate level Samskritam course for those with Samskrita Bharati प्रवेश background.

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Maalatee : Sanskrit Level-3

Maalatee is an intermediate-advanced Sanskrit course aimed at preparing students to take up further advanced language and grammar topics.

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What Students Say About Arsha Seva Kendram

We have students from around the world, and from all walks of life. Hear about what they have to say about our Sanskrit courses!

Our Courses

Our following Courses are open for enrollment now! Head on to a Course page to learn more.


Maalatee : Sanskrit Level-3

Maalatee मालती, is an intermediate-advanced Samskritam course that prepares students on advanced Samskritam language and grammar topics.


Lataa : Sanskrit Level-2

Lataa लता, is an intermediate Sanskrit course for students who are comfortable with our Sasyam course syllabus, and possess basic conversational skills in Sanskrit.


Sasyam : Sanskrit Level-1

Sasyam सस्यम्, is a beginner level weekly Samskritam course for those familiar with Devanaagari script and ready to foray into learning Samskritam.

Our Seva

Take a look at our Seva in diverse sectors around the country!

Our Events

Take a look at our recent Workshops, Talks, and other public events.

October 10, 2020

Thirumurai Odhuvar Music Concert

Saicity, Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu, India
May 13, 2020

Talk on “Is Adi Shankara relevant today? “

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