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Weekly classes start on Tuesday, November 3 2020 at 6:45 AM IST

Sasyam सस्यम्, is an entry level weekly Samskritam course.

This course will enable students to take up Samskrita Bharati’s Pravesha (Level-1) Examination.

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Lavanya R

Student, Sasyam 2

Joining Arsha Seva Kendram’s Sasyam entry level spoken Samskritam class was truly a blessing. I was able to study at my own pace. Weekly homework helped me learn thoroughly. Online classes, videos and documents boosted my confidence. Samskritam is definitely an easy language to learn. Thank you Arsha Seva Kendram and teachers Jayakumar ji and Haripriya ji.


I started studying Sanskrit with ASK by attending the Sasyam class. Even though I started the class with no prior knowledge, the lessons taught by Jayakumarji and Haripriyaji has helped me in obtaining a strong foundation and also motivated me to continue learning Sanskrit. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the classes.

Saraswathi K

Student, Sasyam 2

Anil Kumar P

Student, Sasyam 2

I had never studied Sanskrit, but had a desire to learn. I was really skeptical. But the well-paced & organized classes, along with the repeated practice with the well placed assignments and weekly interactions, made me pick it up really well. If one is serious about getting into Sanskrit and enjoying its beauty, it is worth devoting few hours per week for this year long course.

Our Teachers

The primary purpose of Arsha Seva Kendram is to teach Vedanta and Sanskrit. We teach the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and numerous other Vedanta texts backed by solid knowledge of Sanskrit. Our Vedanta teachers have undergone rigorous studies under H. H. Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Our Sanskrit teachers are immensely qualified and certified, love the language, and love to teach! 

How does it feel to attend a Sasyam Class?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This beginner level COLLEGE QUALITY COURSE is offered completely free by Arsha Seva Kendram, in keeping with the ancient tradition of Sanaatana Dharma. We make it convenient  for those with family and professional commitments who are unable to attend live classes, to easily watch recorded videos of classes later.


How long is the Course?

This is an year long course, and prepares the student for Samskrita Bharati’s Pravesha (Level-1) Examination.


When are the classes?

Classes start on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 (6:45 AM IST). Classes are weekly, and typically last 1.5 hour. Sasyam classes are on Tues mornings IST / Mon evenings EDT.


How are the classes conducted?

Classes are conducted LIVE, through Zoom video conferencing. The class recording will also be made available to catch up later.


Are there any class prerequisites?

Sasyam is an entry level Samskritam course for those familiar with Devanaagari script.

What Will I Learn?

Here’s an overview of topics, Sasyam will cover!

Is This Course Right For Me?

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Sanskrit Course Selector

  • Do you understand the usage and can you frame sentences in all 7 cases (विभक्ति)?

  • Can you form and use verbs in active present (लट्), past (लङ्), future (लृट्), imperative (लोट्), and passive present (कर्मणि लट्)?

  • Do you understand and can you frame sentences using past participle (क्तवतु), gerunds (क्त्वा), and infinitives (तुमुन्)?

  • Can you split and join using Svara sandhis (दीर्घ, गुण, वृद्धि, यण्, यान्तवान्तादेश, पूर्वरूप)?

  • Can you decline vowel-ending nouns (राम, सीता, नदी, फल, हरि, गुरु, मति) in all 7 cases (विभक्ति)?

  • Can you form and use verbs in potential mood (विधिलिङ्)?

  • Can you decline vowel-ending nouns (राम, सीता, नदी, फल, हरि, गुरु, मति) in all 7 cases (विभक्ति)?

  • Can you form and use verbs in passive voice (कर्मणि, भावे प्रयोगः) in the following: लट्, लङ्, लृट्, लोट्, विधिलिङ्?

  • Do you understand adjective-noun matching (विशेषण-विशेष्य-भावः)

  • Can you rearrange simple shlokas with subclauses in prose order (अन्वयक्रमः)?

  • Can you form and use passive participles (क्त)?

  • Can you decline vowel-ending nouns (राम, सीता, नदी, फल, हरि, गुरु, मति) in all 7 cases (विभक्ति)?

  • Based on your selections, these are the best options for you…


*Please note that familiarity with Devanagari script is a pre-requisite for all our Sanskrit courses

The ₹5 Course Entry Donation

Our courses are offered free of charge, in keeping with the ancient traditions of Sanaatana Dharma.
However solely for the sake of keeping out frilivious registrations, we're requesting a very nominal token donation upon registration.